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The Future of Medium





The social media platform, Medium, has a bright future a head of it. In February 2014, the site received its first major external investment of $25 million dollars from Greylock Partners. Now Google Ventures and dozens of individuals are investing into the website. Investors are confidant that Medium will achieve its goal of reinventing the blog as a storytelling platform.

Medium has a large chance of being the next great social media site because its founders created Blogger and Twitter. Those two social media sites had a major impact on how people communicate. The founders created Medium in order to impact how people communicate again.

“Storytelling is a very powerful element of humankind. If we can improve and somehow move forward the way people share their stories and ideas, we think that can be pretty important.”

Evan Williams, Medium Co-Founder

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A Few Benefits of Marketing on Medium

1. Its new and cheap.

Businesses should take advantage of Medium now since its still new, free, and gaining popularity. The founders are planning on monetizing the site via advertisements soon. Companies that use the website now can develop a strong prescence so they will not have to depend on ads later. This option will save companies a lot of money.

2. Customer Interaction

Companies can utilize medium’s collaborative features to get to know their customer base. Healthy customer communication results in increased satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Product Exposure

Medium attracts people that love to read. The website is an excellent place for firms to educate current and propspective customers on products and services.


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Marketing on Medium

Medium will be a great marketing tool because it will allow companies to interact with customers and potential customers. Unlike other social networks, medium offers a variety of features before and after you publish posts. Companies will be able to get a lot of feedback on their products, brands, and major decisions from customers and professionals.

The best part is that the feedback will be in depth and meaningful unlike on other social media sites. The users on medium enjoy writing and reading so companies can count on their target audience reading and responding to their posts. Plus, marketers will not have to summarize product and company updates in short posts. On Medium, marketers can talk in-depth about their brands.

The Story Behind Medium


Medium was created to eliminate the need for bloggers to also be marketers. The website focuses on delivering great stories and ideas which  will make a large impact on people’s lives. It markets for you because it creates a list of posts that are relevant to you. Those posts are from all the people in your target audience. The website is still in its beginning stages so the number of features and availability is low. However, the site has been recieving a lot of positive reviews from writers.

“For a vast majority of people, Medium will have a higher return-on-investment for writing than one’s own blog”

Evan Williams, Medium Co-Founder

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A Writer’s Safe Haven

I think Medium is a great website because it caters to people that want to share in-depth, well articulated written works. The majority of self-publishing and blogging websites do not focus on content. People are not writing thought provoking stories and ideas. They are posting pictures and videos which takes the focus off of the words. I feel that today words come second to illustration and videos.

Medium is a place where people who love reading a writing do not have to deal with all the clutter that excessive pictures, videos, and widgets create. The website has a simple design just like books. I love the design because it helps inspire you to create, which is great when you are trying to overcome writer’s block.

Even though its still in the entry level stages, I think Medium will be successful. Watch what the co-founder, Evan Williams had to say about the website below.

(O’Reilly Media)

The Competition: Wordpress


Another one of Medium’s competitors is WordPress. WordPress is a global content management system. In 2012, the site was on 72.4 million websites, which makes it the most widely used CMS in the world. Its used by 14 percent of the 1 million largest websites in the world, including Forbes, Yahoo, and CNN. It is also the CMS with the highest market share of about 53.8 percent, compared to Joomla’s 9.2 percent and Druplas 6.7%.

WordPress has been translated into over 73 languages in order to accommodate its diverse users. The website is continuously updated by hundreds of volunteer web specialists around the world.

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The Competition: Tumblr

One of Medium’s competitors is Tumblr, a micro-blogging website.


Tumblr Statistics

1. 120,000 Average Daily Sign-Ups

2. 168.4 million blogs

3. 64 million monthly US visitors

4. 13 languages available to users

5. 74.7 billion posts

6. 222 employees

7. 61% of US teens (age 13-19) consider Tumblr their favorite social network.

8. 50% of users use the mobile app

9. 1.17 billion weekly page views

10. 199.1 million monthly visitors from around the world.

 View more information about Tumblr here.

What’s All the Hype About?


On Gartner’s Hype Cycle, the self-publishing platform, Medium is in the plateau of productivity stage. Self-publishing (blogging) websites have reached maturity due to mainstream adoption. It did not take long for blogging to reach maturity.

“Somewhere around 2005, blogging went crazy. It caught the attention of the mainstream media and garnered a lot of breathless press, with various bloggers becomes mini-celebs. The gold rush began as people assumed that anyone could start a blog and get rich quick. But by 2008, blogging had lost its lustre.”

Sue Charman-Anderson, Forbes Contributer

Even at maturity, blogging is still very popular (see stats below). There are dozens of blogging websites but Medium’s unique features set it a part. To learn more about the Gartner Hype Cycle and current blogging statistics visit and



Medium: Where Writers Collaborate & Create



The publishing platform, Medium allows writers to share their stories and readers to get lost in them. The website is special because it allows writers to collaborate. Users can give and receive feedback on everything posted, unless the author makes their work private.

“Medium is designed to allow people to choose the level of contribution they prefer. We know that most people, most of the time, will simply read and view content, which is fine. If they choose, they can click to indicate whether they think something is good, giving feedback to the creator and increasing the liklihood others will see it”                                                                                                                                                                                                 Evan Williams, Medium Creator

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Medium: A Place for Storytellers


Twitter founders, Ev Williams and Biz Stone have created a new social network, called Medium. Medium is a place where people can write blogs to share their ideas and stories with the world.

The website caters to serious writers. The words are the most important element on the site. People can add pictures to help illustrate their thoughts but the words are central. There are no plug-ins, sidebars, widgets, or profile set ups and customization.   The site has a beautiful, simple design that is designed to help users focus on sharing their stories, thoughts, and ideas.

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