The Competition: Tumblr

One of Medium’s competitors is Tumblr, a micro-blogging website.


Tumblr Statistics

1. 120,000 Average Daily Sign-Ups

2. 168.4 million blogs

3. 64 million monthly US visitors

4. 13 languages available to users

5. 74.7 billion posts

6. 222 employees

7. 61% of US teens (age 13-19) consider Tumblr their favorite social network.

8. 50% of users use the mobile app

9. 1.17 billion weekly page views

10. 199.1 million monthly visitors from around the world.

 View more information about Tumblr here.


What’s All the Hype About?


On Gartner’s Hype Cycle, the self-publishing platform, Medium is in the plateau of productivity stage. Self-publishing (blogging) websites have reached maturity due to mainstream adoption. It did not take long for blogging to reach maturity.

“Somewhere around 2005, blogging went crazy. It caught the attention of the mainstream media and garnered a lot of breathless press, with various bloggers becomes mini-celebs. The gold rush began as people assumed that anyone could start a blog and get rich quick. But by 2008, blogging had lost its lustre.”

Sue Charman-Anderson, Forbes Contributer

Even at maturity, blogging is still very popular (see stats below). There are dozens of blogging websites but Medium’s unique features set it a part. To learn more about the Gartner Hype Cycle and current blogging statistics visit and